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open-bp.com is a collaborative and open database of business-plans.

Use it to learn about the inner workings of businesses you like, create quick business-plans, and share your ideas with the community.


With open-bp.com business-plans are reduced to their core : money flowing in and money flowing out.


A revision is a new version of a business-plan. You can start a revision from any plan or existing revision. A revision is "pending" while you're working on it.


When adding or updating financial data on a plan, you can comment what you're doing. People can comment your comments.

Quality of information

When you add financial data, you qualify the origin of the information. So each business-plan has a quality index.
Guess : values are pure guesses
Market : values are based one market prices and knowledge on other companies
Public : values are based on public information on this company
Insider : values are based on insider information

Member profiles

Each member has a profile, associated with his plans, revisions, and comments.